Shennong Village

Shennong Village, a public peasant dormitory group built by the Grain Bureau in 1961.The travellers are invited to come to Yilan to experience the culture and the beauty of the place. Shennong Village. Youth Join! Hipster Join! Farmer Join! Innovation Join Let's do something together in the old dormitory!

Event in Shennong Village

Shennong Village, the grain bureau, focuses on and promotes the field of Yilan. The venue often holds lectures, workshops, movies, market gatherings and other activities for the exchange of experts. Youth Join! Hipster Join! Farmer Join! Innovation Join! In the old dormitory, let's do something together!

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Yilan City Tour

Yilan City is an ancient city with a nearly circular shape. It used to be a distribution center for all kinds of goods. It is a very lively city. There are many temples and religious beliefs in this activity, which accumulate the exquisite craftsmanship of Yilan City. Here, we find out some interesting places to introduce to everyone, you can go to these places to collect seals and solve the task!

Yilan Local Tours

Knowing a new place requires travel, and a deeper understanding of the local fascination requires a guide. Shennong Village has prepared a variety of fun itineraries for you! You can ride a bicycle to Xingjian Village to do scallion pancake DIY, go to the countryside to experience vegetable harvesting and make food, or bring foreign friends to the old-style vegetable market in Taiwan at the Nanbei Pavilion Market in Yilan. Let's take a look!

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